About us

I studied graphic design, illustration and photography at Portsmouth College of Art and since then have worked as an illustrator in the music industry, a graphic designer and now much of my professional life is spent shooting portraits, events and videos.

I own and run a creative agency in Bournemouth called Orbital, and in my spare time I like to cover events and weddings as a freelancer. I only shoot a few weddings a year, and am hoping to do a few more going forward.

I really enjoy shooting weddings. The days are long day but ultimately very rewarding! I love capturing the vibrancy, humour and warmth of the event, and I actively get involved in keeping the event moving along, often suggesting fun ways of getting people interacting and involved. That said, it’s your day – so my job is to document that faithfully and try to capture as much of the atmosphere as possible. 

Contact us

In the first instance please either call Justin on 07855 466164, or complete the form below and we’ll chat on email